The Greens, who were previously the Royals in their age group, changed their name reflect the legacy of former assistant manager/coach Lloyd Green who lost his battle with cancer in January 2023. 

Lloyd Green was not only a coach, but a mentor, a friend, and a leader. He supported James Fuller, the Chairman of the club, in his vision of creating a place where young people could enjoy playing football and learn valuable life skills. He also helped to rebuild the relationships with the Parish Council, which helped with the construction of the 3G pitch and the improvement of the club’s facilities.

Lloyd Green believed that football was more than just the result on the scoreboard. He cared about each individual player and their personal journey. He encouraged them to work hard, have fun, and respect each other. He inspired them to grow on and off the field. He helped make them who they are today.

The Aylesford Greens honour Lloyd Green’s memory by continuing his work and his spirit. They play with pride, passion, and purpose. They are not just a team; they are a family.

They are the Aylesford Greens.

Lloyd Green

Team Officials


Martyn Jeynes
Joe Crawford
Nicholas Golding